Copyright / DMCA

Our robot is crawling the web and look for files hosted on famous hosting services. also index links added directly with the "add links" form.
Links are immediately and automatically added to our search engine.
We do not performs any kind of control on theses links. is only a service that will index links with their file name and size.
We will never arranges or filter links based on their content.
The link categorization is based on the file extension. don't store any file and downloads aren't based in our server.

Adding copyrighted links to our search engine is strictly prohibited.
Downloading copyrighted links from our search engine is strictly prohibited too. will respond to any notices of copyright infringement (DMCA) in the next 24H.
If you believe that your content has been copied or used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you can contact us at :

Remember that deleting a link in our search engine will not make the file unreachable on the web!
It will still be stored and available on the corresponding hosting service.
After contacting us, we higly recommand you to also contact the appropriate hosting service to tell them to delete the file.